Rock On Give me something that I can feel.

I’m so emotionally drained like what the fuck is going on


COOL DATE IDEA: take a really long nap with me

Fuck, im really craving this sleeping in a tent with ten thousand blankets and pillows now. With you.

If you are not getting the attention you deserve, leave.

If you are giving a lot more than taking all the time, leave.

If you are second choice, leave.

If you are being cheated, leave. 

If you aren’t being treated right, leave.

If it brings you more sadness than happiness, leave.

If you are being abused in any type of way, leave.

Most people don’t realize they deserve and are able to get so much better. 


why can’t I be friends with a band and be their merch girl


i’ve grown so unattached from people like i could literally move across the country tomorrow and not give a shit about leaving anyone except for like 3 people